New To SEO? Don’t Worry! It’s Not As Scary As You Think.

Last week, the “What’s Your Favorite” question was about your favorite way to grow your blog. Luckily, my lovely friend Cavelle over at A Christian In Bloom used to work in a call center analyzing people’s business websites and telling them what they needed to do to improve it, and she decided to write a post on using SEO to grow our blogs. If you’ve ever wondered what SEO is, or how to use it to your best advantage, she’s done a wonderful job of explaining it all!



  1. Thanks for this. I have “learn what the heck SEO is” on my to do list! Actually, it’s been there a little while but it’s another thing I hadn’t got around to. Will check out the post now and bookmark for tomorrow so I can tick something off my list! 🙂

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    1. Ha ha…. I love it Caz! That’s kind of how I felt when I first starting seeing SEO too… I think Cavelle did a wonderful job explaining it, so much so that even someone like me who has been on a steep learning curve with all this blogging stuff could understand it. :o)
      On another subject, I tried to comment on your post again yesterday, and I still couldn’t… I was reading it on my iPad, so I was planning to get on my desktop and see if I could comment from here. I’ll hop over to your post now, so if you don’t see anything from me, you’ll know it’s still not letting me comment. Hope you have a GREAT day!

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      1. Yes, the post definitely makes it a little less daunting and more straightforward without all the jargon!
        I’m not sure what to say about the blog; I’ve had comments on it… Are you trying to comment through the WordPress reader? I think comments should work fine on the blog itself in a browser (rather than through the WP Reader). Thanks for letting me know – will have to keep an eye on that. Have yourself a lovely day too Terri! 🙂

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      2. I was able to comment from my desktop….My iPad and I don’t always get along.😁 It’s unfortunate because that’s how I do most of my reading/commenting. It’s more comfy than sitting at the computer. I’ll just make sure I go straight to your site through the browser from now on.😊

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