A Day of Remembrance

Eagle Flag by TerriMemorial Day is a day to remember those who gave their lives in service to our country.

On this day, I remember those who lost their lives on the battlefield, valiantly fighting for our freedom.

I remember those who, years after their brave service to our country, died of cancer that was likely caused by their exposure to Agent Orange while they were serving.

I remember those who left so much of themselves on the battlefield they were never able to assimilate back into society, who bore scars so deeply on their souls that they took their own lives.

Today, with heartfelt gratitude for the sacrifices they made, I remember.



  1. I pause when I see the flags or read a post to give thanks for those who died protecting our country. Thank you for your timely and thoughtful post. Gave me pause to also remember those who died from the chemicals of war too.

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