Reclaiming HOPE


About four years ago, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Being retired military, I assumed I’d just approach this “challenge” the way I had every other I had encountered, and conquer it. I immediately started reading everything I could get my hands on. I was going to be the one who managed to completely overcome this and be cured. I found some very helpful resources, and I have made progress in some areas, but fibromyalgia is fibromyalgia, and I have not been cured.

As the years have gone by and I’m still having all the symptoms – if you have fibromyalgia, you know what I’m talking about – the pain, the dizziness, the fatigue, the fuzziness, and on and on – I have started to feel that sense of hopelessness taking over. Now I’ve never been completely hopeless, because my true hope is in Christ, but I do question sometimes whether I’ll ever be “normal” again, whether this pain will get any better, whether I’ll ever be able to make any plans more than a day in advance and not worry whether I’ll be able to get through whatever it is….

That’s where Reclaiming HOPE comes in. It’s true that I might not ever be able to do some of the things I used to do, or serve others in the way I used to, but I believe there are things I can do to help me feel better and live a more fulfilling life, so I’m going to get to work. I decided to use H.O.P.E. as my construct for being able to not only live, but live well: Healthy Diet, Optimism, Prayer and Meditation, and Exercise. Let the experiment begin!

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